Let me tell you some interesting things before you start your trekking. Have you ever given any test without any kind of preparation? No rgt !

Ok let’s come to the point directly. Trek is not about going somewhere and chilling out with buddies. Also it’s not a strict camp but totally different and at time tougher experience than any Ordinary trip which we called leisure trip.

Before going on any trek whether it’s high altitude trek, first time trek, steep trek or jungle trek you should first be mentally prepared. This is not to frighten you but trekking is not all the time fun. We at times can go through really bad time as everything is on nature so we should be prepared by all means. Now a days youngsters are getting attracted by trekking videos and picture and rush towards mountains but before rushing each one should do study and preparation for trek for gaining unforgettable experience.

If you are going with your team or friends on trek you should also encourage and support them to complete their treks with safety and enjoying its every bit. Along with mental state physical fitness also plays important role. Start running, jogging, cycling or do some physical activities which will help you gain endurance as well as stamina. Eat well and go to bed on time. Avoid junk and oily food to maintain your strength. Most important thing is to make a proper checklist of things which you need to carry for treks. You have to keep in mind that you are traveling for certain days only so carry luggage only which is needed and essential. Prepare one bag or rucksack for one person it will help in trekking and hiking. Do your medical checkup and consult your Doctor for assurance. Keep mind cool and leave the liquor or smoking habits during trek. It will help you indirectly. Over all if you can overcome above mentioned preparation you can definitely make your trip memorable as well as nurture yourself to become traveler.